Meeting of Senior Officials for Information

and Communication Technology (ICT)


FRIDAY, 11 JUNE 2010





Savingram No. 511/2010 – Postponement and Change of Date for Officials Meeting: Thirty-Fourth Special Meeting of the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), St. George’s, Grenada, 25-28 May 2010

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2. Savingram No. 529/2010 – Administrative Arrangements and Provisional Annotated Agenda: Meeting of Senior Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Officials Georgetown, Guyana, 11 June 2010 WORD Version PDF Version
3. Attachment I to Savingram # 529/2010 - Administrative Arrangements   WORD Version PDF Version
4. Attachment II to Savingram # 529/2010 - List of Hotels and Rates WORD Version PDF Version
5. Attachment III to Savingram # 529/2010 - Provisional Annotated Agenda WORD Version PDF Version


6. Working Document WORD Version PDF Version
7. Item 5 – Presentation of the Draft Regional Information and Communication Technology (ICT ) Strategy WORD Version PDF Version
8. Draft Regional ICT4D Strategy   PDF Version
9. Item 6 – Presentation of the Regional Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Draft Action Plan (2010–2012) WORD Version PDF Version
10. Regional ICT Draft Action Plan (2010-2012)   PDF Version
11. Item 7 – Discussion on Ministerial Oversight for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Information Society Matters WORD Version PDF Version
12. Revised Draft Rules of Procedures of the COTED   PDF Version

Background/Reference Documents

13. Report of the Third ICT Meeting   PDF Version
14. WSIS Plan of Action   PDF Version
15. Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas   PDF Version

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